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Georgia Society of Plastic Surgeons

The Georgia Society of Plastic Surgeons was founded in 1971. At that time, 20 plastic surgeons were practicing in Georgia, most of whom were in the greater Atlanta area. Many were friends but practiced in different hospitals and rarely saw each other professionally. There were a few partnerships, but most were practiced as individuals. The plastic surgery community enlarged and became more complex with the development of the Emory program in 1971. Discussions developed among several Atlanta plastic surgeons to develop an organization that would provide a common ground for exchanging scientific ideas and discussing socioeconomic problems.

The Georgia Society of Plastic Surgeons was one of the earliest state societies established. Many states have followed our pattern. The national leadership in plastic surgery recognized the early innovative steps taken by the Georgia Society in dealing with various issues encouraging them to pursue similar interests on a national level.

The redesign of the GSPS logo was the first performed since the foundation of the society.

Client: GSPS Georgia Society of Plastic Surgeons
Category: Visual identity, Logo design, Promotional products, Branding

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